Helping business owners navigate difficult waters

Peter Bewsey
Chief Executive of Britain’s largest private company.

Business owners face challenging situations all the time. Some are relatively easy to deal with but others can be far more difficult to overcome.

There is no fixed path in business and the commercial map is constantly changing. This can have serious repercussions for business owners who may not always have the experience, skill-set or staff to tackle the problems they encounter.

Executive Help helps businesses and business owners to tackle a comprehensive range of common (and more unusual) commercial problems. Some of the areas we regularly assist with include:

We bring a wealth of experience that supports business owners; honing their skills and those of their staff, to build an infrastructure that enables them to develop their enterprise and become more profitable.

The Executive Help team possess expansive background knowledge from working in different industry sectors and with companies of all sizes: from international corporates to SMEs and sole-traders. This helps us provide an invaluable insight into the issues that businesses face and how to overcome them.

Some clients utilise our services to deal with short-term troubleshooting issues that require immediate action, while others use our services for longer term projects. In some cases we become an integral part of the client’s business, sometimes holding Non-Executive roles on the Board of Directors.

Our objective is to help captains from all industries to navigate their way through the challenging waters of modern day commerce and place them on the route to success.

“I really can’t recommend his services highly enough and if you own or manage a small business and need help to make it succeed, a phone call to Peter and his team could make a world of difference.”
David G.

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