Mentoring & Coaching

Peter Bewsey founded and Captained Farnham Rugby Club
Founded and Captained Farnham Rugby Club

Many of us take part in sport for relaxation but find the only way to improve our skills is to employ the services of a professional coach. The results can elevate the mediocre achiever to a more accomplished level, beating opponents they’ve been unable to compete with before. 

At a higher level it is not unusual to see professional sportsmen and women regularly working with their coaches on a one-to-one basis; perfecting their skills ready to tackle the next competition or match.

In the business world an increasing number of businessmen and women are now coached by professional mentors. The best of these have been involved in commerce over a considerable number of years, across a range of industry sectors, where they have developed the skills and knowledge to help today’s entrepreneurs, Directors, CEOs and Business Owners.

At Executive Help we provide professional business mentoring and coaching services that encompass a wealth of knowledge from over 35 years of running successful businesses and organisations. Our service is totally confidential and only available to a limited number of individuals each year.

We provide a FREE one hour consultation at the beginning of each new enquiry. This ensures both parties are absolutely clear on the level of mentoring or coaching required, before any agreement to proceed is reached.

Key elements of our service:

Most business people have to work incredibly hard to achieve success. Executive Help’s Mentors utilise their personal experiences to provide invaluable information that enables business owners to avoid common pitfalls, improve management skills and develop enhanced commercial awareness.

“Peter has both mentored me as a young businessman and helped me to focus on my business goals.  Since working with Peter my business income has grown significantly year on year.”
James M.