Surviving Redundancy

Redundancy has sadly become all too commonplace and affects many thousands of employees each year. Its impact is often significant and always stressful for the individuals concerned and their families.

Executive Help provide practical solutions to overcome redundancy issues: either by helping you to return to an employed position or, if appropriate, providing guidance to opt out of the “rat race” and set up your own business.

Returning to Work
The process we employ is not dissimilar to our Career Development programme but encompasses a wider remit to consider other options for you. Our Returning to Work programme: 

We then move on to provide:

Before employing a five stage process designed to promote you to companies best suited to your individual skills by:

Setting up your own business
An increasing number of people decide to use redundancy as a catalyst to set up their own business; many see their redundancy money as a “stepping stone” to help finance this ambition.

Executive Help provide a reality check designed to help you examine the viability of your business ideas and determine if it is appropriate to choose this option.

Thousands of new businesses are set up in the UK each year but a considerable number fail within the first 3 years, because the individuals concerned enter business without a comprehensive understanding of what is required to make their venture a success.

If your proposition makes commercial sense we help you to collate a Business Plan and put the building blocks in place for your business to become established. This can include an ongoing programme that provides a schedule to develop and move the business forward, as well as regular reviews to keep you on track.    

Executive Help offer a FREE one hour consultation to provide an initial assessment of your situation and help you decide if you want to return to employment or consider setting up your own business.

“His experience in the harsh business world provides him with a wealth of knowledge that he is willing to share with like- minded people.  Peter will undoubtedly help your business.”
Simon R.